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Speed of Light Measurents

By MZ_2
  • Galileo

    He used the lanterns as a method, and he determined that light was "fast".
  • Period: to


  • Romer/Huygens

    Their method was Jovian moon occultation, the speed was 215,000 km/s
  • Bradley

    his method was the aberration of light, and the speed he recorded was 301,000 km/s.
  • Fizeau

    his method was spinning slotted wheel, and he record the speed of 315,300 km/s
  • Michelson

    he used a rotating mirror , and he recored a 299,910 km/s speed.
  • Rosa

    he used the capacities method, and he recorded 300,000 km/s.
  • Comstock

    He used 18 star pairs, and he recored the speed of 300,560 km/s.
  • Perot/Fabry

    they used the eloctrometric mehod, and recorded the speed of 299, 730 km/s.
  • Rosa/Dorsey

    they used electrical measurements and recorded 299,803 km/s.
  • Mercier

    he used electrical measurements and recorded 299,700 km/s.
  • Michelson/Birge

    they used an interferometer and recorded 299,798 km/s.
  • Karolus/Mittelstaedt

    they used a kerr cell shutter and recorded 299,778 km/s.
  • Pease/Pearson

    they used an interferometer and recorded 299,774 km/s.
  • Essen/Gordon-Smith

    they used a microwave cavity and recorded 299,792 km/s
  • Froome

    he used an interferometer and recorded 299,792.50 km/s.
  • Evenson

    he used a laser method anr he recorded a speed of 299,792.467 km/s.
  • Woods/Shotton/Rowley

    ther used the laser method andr recorded a speed of 299,792.4588 km/s.
  • International

    they defined the speed of light in the speed of 299,792.458 km/s.