Spandex Spacesuit

Timeline created by JulieBosley
  • Mercury Spacecuit

    Made of nylong, very soft. When inflated it was hard to move.
  • Apollo Spacesuit

    Revolutionary. No umbilcal cord required, water cooled, 9 layers of nylon, kapton, and teflon. Used for moonwalking. Weighs 180lbs on earth but only 30lbs on the moon.
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit

    Was and is still used for space walks. Comes in multiple parts so it fits one size.
  • Andrew Crew Escape Suit ( ACES)

    Most commonly seen during lift off and reentry. Has the nickname of the "pumpkin" because of the bright organge.
  • Bio Suit - Spandex

    Future of spacewalks. Made of elastice polymers for movemnet and is super light.
  • Pressurized Military Flight Suit

    Made for pilots that flew but could'nt go no higher than 10,000 feet in the air. Made of nylong.
  • Gemini Spacesuit

    Innovation of the MErcury Spacesuit. Conneected by an umbilical cord to the space ship allowing oxygen to reach the person. Used for both indoor and outdoor.