space timeline

By whit08
  • sputnik launched by ussr

    1st artifitcial satellite put in space by the ussr.The U.S. feard the ussr had the tech to deliver a nuckler weapon viather-7 rocket. space exploration timeline packet
  • sputnik 2 is launched with laika in it.

    laika is the first living thing in space. the dog laika was sent in to outer space by the ussr.
  • First U.S. satellite

    1st U.S. discovers. Van allen belt during the space race. space packet
  • explorer 2 failed to reach orbit.

    2nd U.S. satelite to go to space failed. it crashed and broke and it was lost.
  • vangar 1 is launched and worked for 3 years

    3th satellite from the U.S.. it worked for at least 3 years.
  • sputnik 3 is launched

    3th satellite sent by the USSR. might have a bomb in it.
  • the NASA has just been formed

    people who keep a eye on the satellites. so thay now were they are.
  • pionere 1 is launched

    pionere 1 went to a hight of 70,700 miles. it was the 4th satellite U.S. sent.
  • lunna 1 is launched by the USSR

    1st human made object to go around the sun. 4th satellite made by the USSR.
  • pioneer 4 is lauched on a eaqrth-moon trip

    it passed withen 37,000 miles of the moon before falling into space