Space Race

  • Artificial Satellite

    Sputnik was launch into orbit around earth, thus starting the space race.
  • First Dog in Space

    Laika is the first dog and living thing in space. This shows living thing can go in space, with an oxagen tank ofcorse.
  • Lunar Probe

    The Soviet Union launched Luna 2 to the moon, but it crashed. This is important because it was the first time something crashed on the moon.
  • Astrochimp

    The US sent Ham to be the first primate in space. This is important because it shows we could go to into space.
  • First Man in Space

    Yuri Gagarin is lanch in space and orbits the earth for 108 minutes. This is important because it marks th Sovent Union's will to stay ahead.
  • Declare to Walk on the Moon

    The preisent, Jonh F. Kennidy, promises to put people on the moon before 1970. This is important because it push us to win.
  • Apollo 1

    On this day NASA lost three astronauts,Grissom,White, and Chaffee. This is important
  • America Wins Space Race

    This is when Apollo 11 lands on the moon and comes suseccfully. This is important because it almost the last event in the Space Race.
  • Apollo 13

    The third moon landing for the US. This is important because the shows we still could go to the moon.
  • International Space Station

    The Soviet Union and US work together to make the International Space Station. This is important because it marks the end of the space race for good.