Space Race

  • Sputnik 1

    Sputnik 1
    The satellite, Sputnik 1, was created and launched by the Soviet Union. It took only 98 minutes to orbit the earth. It was the very first artificial satellite to be launched into space.
  • Dog in Space

    Dog in Space
    Laika, a soviet union dog, was sent into space and was the first animal up into and to die in space. Laika died due to the heat.
  • First U.S. satellite launched successfully

    Exploroer 1, was the first successfully launched U.S. satelitte. It was launched by the army four months after russia's (USSR) launch of sputnik 1. It sent out data from space for 4 continuous months.
  • NASA Founded

    NASA Founded
    NASA was trying to be founded quickly, due to the recent events of the soviet union"s sputnik 1. NASA's first headquaters were located at the Dolly Madison house. NASA was formed to help resolve the sputnik crisis of confidence that the Sviet Union had.
  • Monkey in Space

    Monkey in Space
    NASA sent a monkey into space so they could do research on biological effects on space travel. Albert was a resus monkey. he died of suffocation during flight.
  • First man to orbit Earth

    First man to orbit Earth
    Yuri gagarin was awarded many medals when his spacecraft completed its orbit around earth. He was the very first man to go around earth and he was from the soviet union.
  • First U.S. man in space

     First U.S. man in space
    Alan Shepard went into sapce aboard the freedom 7. he lifted off at 9:34am and fired 116 miles into the air. alan was not only a passanger aboard the freedom 7, but he also piloted it! he was the very first U.S. man to go into space.
  • First U.S. man to orbit earth

    First U.S. man to orbit earth
    John Glenn was aboard the sapce capsule the Friendship 7 on a mission to orbit earth. he orbited earth 3 times in 4 hours and 56 minutes reaching speeds of about 17000 mph. He claimed to have said ' The view was tremendous".
  • First Woman in sapce

    First Woman in sapce
    Valentina Tereshkova was launched into space to pilot the Vostok 6, becoming the first civilan to fly in space. She was in space for 70.8 hours. She made 48 orbits around the earth.
  • First spacewalk

    First spacewalk
    Aboard the voskod 2, Alexei Leonov was the first human to ever perform a spacewalk. It lasted for about 20 minutes. He had problems getting back in the spacecraft because his suit has slightly enlargend.
  • First U.S. spacewalk

    First U.S. spacewalk
    Ed White was on the Gemini 4 mission to be the first U.S. man to spacewalk above earth. He started above the pacific ocean, somewhat near hawaii and ended over the gulf of mexico. The spacewalk lasted for 23 minutes.
  • Gemini 7

    Gemini 7
    The gemini 7 project carried the astronauts Frank Borman and Jim Lovell. It was a 14 day mission. They were instructed to conduct 20 experiments. they were evaluating the spacecraft renetry guidance capability.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    Apollo 8 was the first space craft to be captured and then escaped from the gravitational field of another celstial body. It was the second crewed mission to leave earths orbit with humans.
  • First man on the moon

    First man on the moon
    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to set foot on the moon. They were aboard the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. They were launched from the kennedy space center.
  • First satellite to orbit another planet

    First satellite to orbit another planet
    The mariner 9 was the first successful satelitte to orbit another planet. The U.S. successfully sends a satelitte to orbit mars. Its job was to map 70% of the martian suface. It was also used to study the temprary changes that occur in Mars's atmoshpere. It was supposed to take an image of mars's surface, but that mission was delayed when a dust storm began on its surface.
  • Apollo 16

    Apollo 16
    This was the fifth mission to the moon and the second with a lunar rover. The mission was to use the rover to explore undetermined sectors on the moon. The astronauts collected samples and data due to the experiments that they tested.
  • Challenger Disaster

    Challenger Disaster
    The space shuttle was carrying the first school teacher to go into space. The disaster happened when the shuttle broke apart 73 seconds after launch. each crew member was killed in the incident. It was a very tragic incident when the NASA launch was broadcasted on LIVE TV and exploded in front of millions of viewers.