space race

  • monkey in space

    the first monkey was launched into space in 1948.they discovered that weightlessness has no drastic effects to humans
  • Sputnik 1 launched

    Sputnik 1 launched
    Russia launched the first man made satelite into space.this was a very important objective in history because it was also the first satelite to orbit earth.
  • first dog in space

    the first dog to be in space was launched in 1957.this was very important because this showed that humans could survive for long periods of time in space it stayed alive for 17 days but died from overheating and lack of air
  • The first US satelite successfully launched

    The first US satelite was successfully launched in 1958.this was also a big achievement and they had been competing with russia and finally got their first satelite launched into space
  • NASA founded

    nasa was founded in 1958.this was one of the greatest achievements of the US with space research,NASA was founded as a program for space engineering exploration and research
  • first man to orbit earth

    the first man to orbit earth went to space on april 12th 1961
  • first US man in space

    first US man in space
    alan sheperd was the first us man in space. this was a big acomplishment for the USA also
  • first US man to orbit earth

    first US man to orbit earth
  • first woman in space

    the first woman in space went into space on june 16 1963 and was also the first african american in space
  • first space walk

    the first space walk was acomplished by russia and was a very big thing also against the USA
  • Gemini 7

  • first US space walk

    this was th first space walk by the USA the space walk is where they are just out of the shuttle in space moving around
  • first man on the moon

    Neil Armstrong was the first man to be on the moon this was acomplished on july 20th 1969 and this was undoutly probably one of the greatest achievements in space exploration and beating russia in the space race