space race

  • monkey in space

    albert was the first monkey in space. he helped show the scientist how ok it was to be in space so atronauts could go.
  • sputnik 1 launch

    sputnik was the firt satellite in space. And to make sure everyone knew it was there it would have a huge beeping sound. this was really important because people were filled with fear, anger, and envy. The russians could basically see what they were doing and the US couldnt stop them.
  • dog in space

    the first dog in space was Laika she eventually died on her mission when the spacecraft got overheated and the ship's bateries failed.
  • explorer 1

    Explorer 1 became the first U.S. satellite launched into orbit. It came four months after the launch of the world's first satellite, the former Soviet Union's Sputnik 1. While the Soviet satellite weighed 184 pounds (83.5 kilograms), the U.S. satellite weighed only 31 pounds (14-06 kilograms) and was nicknamed "the grapefruit."
  • NASA fonded

    the russian event spurred the space agency and made the us urgent to the making of an american national space agency. this event was one of the main reasons why the space race began
  • frist man to orbit earth

    Yuri Gagarin was a cosmonaut who worked for the USSR , he became the first human being to travel into space. His spacecraft was called "Vostok I" and it completed a single orbit of the earth in 1 hour and 48 minutes. Yuri wanted to prove if orbiting affects age.
  • first us man to orbit the earth

    john glenn sat comfortably in the wieghtless environment of a capsule he calledfriendship 7. it had been discovered that going into space showed signs of pre mature aging.
  • first space walk

    a chinese astronaut orbiting the earth lifted him out of the shenzhai and floated around space. this showed that other people were forming new challenges.
  • first US spacewalk

    Ed white made the united states first space walk. white opened his hatch and used the hand held manuevering oxegyn
  • gemini 7

    gemini 7 space craft from the titens II 2nd stage. this was a long duration fight.
  • apollo 8

    apollo 8 was the first missiion to take humans to the moon and back. an important prelude to actually landing on the moon was testing the flight trajectory.
  • first US man on the moon

    neil armstrong stepped out of an odd-looking spaceshp and into the pages of history of being the first man on the moon. with his quote;
    “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”
    meaning there should be integrity. this made NASA celebrate the 50th aniversery of is ground breaking experiance.
  • major catastrophe

    --First major catastrophe for NASA, when space shuttle Challenger (mission STS-51L) explodes 73 seconds after takeoff with seven crewmembers aboard. the crew members and a teacher died