Space Race

  • Sputnik 1

    Sptunik 1 was the first artifical satellite sent into space.
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    Space Race

  • First US citizen in space

    Alan B Shepard became the 1st US citizen in space.
  • First Human in Space

    Yuri A. Gagarin was a cosmonaut who was the 1st human in space.
  • Mariner 2

    Mariner 2 verifed high tempatures in Venus's atmosphere.
  • 1st US citizen to orbit Earth

    John Glenn Became the 1st US citizen to orbit earth.
  • Project Apollo the Journey to the moon.

    The final misson to reach the moon was on July 20 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the 1st human to ever step foot on the moon.
  • Pioneer 10

    Pioneer 10 was the first space probe to encounter an outer planet.
  • Apollo 11 ended.

    After reaching the moon and collecting 2000 samples of moon rock Apollo 11 ended.
  • Skylab

    Crews and astrounauts spent 84 days in space on this space station.
  • Viking 1

    Searche for life on Mars and orbited Mars.
  • Magellan

    Magellan Mapped Venus's surface and discoverd information on it's atmosphere.
  • Galileo reaching Jupiter

    Galileo searched Jupiter for its weather patterns.
  • Cassini

    In 2004 the space probe Cassini reached Saturn