space missons

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  • Space race starts

    Space race starts
    The soviet union launches the first satellite. The race starts during the cold war
  • first animal in space

    first animal in space
    The first animal in space
    The dog was the first animal in space. It was a female. It was sent up on sputnik 2
    1957 NOV 3rd
  • NASA has to choose 7 pioneers

    NASA has to choose 7 pioneers
    Eisenhower tells NASA they have to chose military test pilots. And they could not be tall than 5ft 11in
  • The astronauts’ had to train

    The astronauts’ had to train
    They had to test to see if the were strong enough so they would not pass out. One of the test are they get spun around really fast.
  • Orbiting the earth

    Orbiting the earth
    At 100 miles above the earth Glenn saw lightning flashes over the Indian sea. there was a problem with the heat shield but they did not tell him so he would not panic.
  • the super scientist

    the super scientist
    Mae Jemison was the first black astronaut. she was reading books at age five
  • The first space flight

    The first space flight
    The soviets successfully launched Yuri Gagarin in to orbit. He circled 108 times and successfully landed. A month later the USA sends up Alan Sheppard .
  • The blast off

    The blast off
    Glenn is going to his capsule in an elevator called friendship 7.The capsule was so small he could barely move.
  • The return home

    The return home
    They fish friendship 7 out of the ocean. When he was coming down there was a lot of stuff hitting the window.
  • Liftoff

    The thunder clap of lift off is herd. it goes in the air in three minuets its not seeable no more.
  • the first moon walk

    the first moon walk
    Armstrong takes first steps on the moon. he said that’s one small step for man and one giant leap for man kind
  • First space flight

    First space flight
    Appollo 11 is the first manned mission to the moon. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins are named as the crew of the historic flight
  • space shuttle program

    space shuttle program
    NASA sends there first space station in to orbit. they called it Skylab
  • choosing scientist

    choosing scientist
    Sally Kristen was the first women considered. when she got chosen she wanted to go up in space the next day
  • letting the satellites go

    letting the satellites go
    as soon they reach orbit they open the cargo doers to release the satellites. they spin the satellites to prevent sun burn
  • The take off of the challenger

    The take off of the challenger
    when they take off there is three times the force on them. as the get higher they un hook the big orange fuel tanks
  • changing horizon in space

    changing horizon in space
    sally ride said that women are equal to men. she said it was the most fun she has ever had.
  • The welcoming of a hero

    The welcoming of a hero
    There was thousands of people cheering him on. He was the oldest person to fly in space at the age of 77
  • First non astronaut to go in space

    First non astronaut to go in space
    Dennis Tito was the first non astronaut to go in space. He had to pay to go into space. He paid $20million