space exporation

Timeline created by paigeflick
  • Sputnik

    First man made satilite launched into space.
  • SOHO

    This missions's purpose was to study and gain more information about the Earth. SOHO used to be in orbit with the sun.
  • Polar

    This mission investegated how solar wind plasma energy enters through Earth's magnetosphere. This was studyied at the poles of Earth.
  • ACE

    This is to help understand the formation and evolution of the solar system and the astrophysical processes involved.ACE orbits 1.5 million km away from earth.
  • FUSE

    The mission was to travel through space with high resolution spectroscopy and traveled throughout the universe.

    This mission is for tracing of spatial and time variations and took place orbiting Earth.
  • Aqua

    The job of this unique mission is to observe and collect infomation about earth's water. Aqua will orbit Earth to beable to get valid information.
  • Aura

    This mission answered quetions about changers in our life-substaning atmosphere. Aura will orbit Earth for information.
  • Cloudsat

    This mission will help our understanding of climates and climate change. Cloudsat will be orbiting Earth.
  • Gemini

    This mission subjects astronauts to long duration flighs, required for later on. This also helps develop effective methods of rendezvous and docking. This takes place between Mercury and Apollo program.
  • Kelper

    The point of this mission is to survey the Milky Way galaxy to inform us about any other planets that might be out there. The kelper will be exploring the Milky Way.
  • NPP

    This was launched to "build" a next gerneration sattilite in space.
  • Dawn

    This mission is increasing our knowlage of how the solar system was formed. Dawn is finding this info in the solar nebula and the astroid belt.
  • SDO

    SDO was launched to observe and learn more about the sun and is curently somewhere around the sun.
  • Galio

    Galio's purpose was to measue Jupiter's atmosphere and conduct long term observations and used to orbit Jupiter until it crashed into Jupiter.