space exploration

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  • Telescope

    Galileo modifed lbbershays telesope design
  • reflecting telescope

    James gergory invents reflecting telescope
  • Publication of Principial

    Publication of Principial
    The English astronomer Sir Isaac Newton publishes the Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This three-volume work outlines Newton's three laws of motion as well as his law of universal gravitation and a derivation of Kepler's laws for the motion of the planets. The Principia is considered by many to be one of the most important scientific works ever written.
  • universe expanding

    universe expanding
    hubble suggests that the universe is explanding
  • pluto discovered

    pluto discovered
    clyde thombaugh discovers the dwarf planet pluto
  • first satilite

    first satilite
    soviets launch the first satilite Sputnik to begin space exploration
  • First pictures of the moon

    First pictures of the moon
    The sovie probe Luna 3 take the first pictures of the moon
  • first man on the moon

    first man on the moon
    Astronuat Neal Armstrong Become the first man to step foot on the moon
  • SkyLabs

    U.S Government invents Skylabs orbiting space laboratory
  • Flies by saturn

    Flies by saturn
    NASA engineers invents space shuttle> Voyagers 2 Flies by Saturn
  • voyager 2 destroyed

    voyager 2 destroyed
    voyager 2 flies by uranus space shuttle challenge detsroyed
  • Jupiter Probe

    Jupiter Probe
    Voyager 2 flies by neptune. Maglean Probe luanched toward venus Gallieo Probe luanched toward Jupiter
  • Hubble luanched

    Hubble luanched
    Hubble telescope luanched and maps venus
  • Hubble repair

    Hubble repair
    The repair of the hubble telescope
  • Saturn

    First orbit of saturn
  • curisoity rover

    curisoity rover
    curiosity rover takes a sample analyisis for mars