space exploration

  • gauiteo and the telesopce

    gauteo made a telescope that could look at the star and created the helitheoy
  • frist satellite to orbit the earth

    this is the frist statiellite to orbit the earth made by the sovit uion it is call stimpunk
  • frist human in orbit

    this when the sovit uion sent a man in orbit (yuri gagain).
  • appollo moon landing

    apollo moon landing was during the cold war to say that the us can do more then just send a satlite to orbit like the sovit uion.soo this began the race to the moon.
  • virgin galatic commacil space flight

    this is when nasa start to get money by doing commarciel
  • voyager space probe

    this is when nasa sent a probe to go out of our space to take picture
  • shattle challer explotion

    this is when the shuttle challanger explode killing its crew of 7
  • hubble space telescope

    this is when nasa sent hubble to take picture of the earth
  • international space station

    this is when the world made a intornational space station
  • accurate star map

    first accurate star map made by a greek