Sound of Thunder TImeline

  • Exposition

    The antagonist, Eckel, reads a sign advertising the time traveling poaching safari trip, and pays $10,000 to go on the trip. The workers at the Franchise explain to him that there was no guarentee that he would return alive, however Eckel pays for the trip anyways.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    In the Rising Action, Eckel is transported back into time. The safari man, Mr.Travis explains to him the risks of time travel with the Butterfly Effect, staying on the path, and how only the slightest of changes could drastically alter the future. Then, they explain what animals they're allowed to shoot, based on the careful observations of Lesperance.
    Once Eckel sees an actual dinosaur, he is immediately frightened and is sure there is no way to kill the enormous beast. He is in absolute shock
  • Climax

    In the climax, while in his state of absolute shock-and with intentions on returning to the machine- Eckels runs off of the path. As the Tyrannosaurus Rex spotted them and reacted, the two franchise workers killed the animal with many shots of the gun.
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    Mr.Travis and Lesperance tell the men to clean up the blood.
    Mr. Travis is enraged at Eckel for stepping off the path because he sad he'd ruined their whole business, and tells him he is leaving him in the past. He tells Eckel only if he sticks his arms in the dinosaur's mouth then he can return with them, and to dig out the bullets. Eckel falls off the dinosaur with the bullets and passes out, then they return to the future. He's overwhelmed to be in a time which is greatly populated by humans
  • Resolution

    Eckel realizes that when stepping off the path, he killed a butterfly, changing the entire future. The manner in which they spelled had been altered, and also the president which had won the election.