some things that happend in amirican history in 1787-1813

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  • Constitutional Convention (United States)

    Constitutional Convention (United States)
    This is when the Constitution was formed. The first plan, called The Virginia Plan, gave more power to the larger states and less to the small states. The small states, of course, did not like the plan. They came up with The New Jersey Plan which gave more power to the little state. The big states did not like this one. Then came the great compromise. This one made it so that the power was equal.
  • The Constitution is Ratified

    The Constitution is Ratified
    On this day, Congress approved the U.S. Constitution. Slowly, the states singed the U.S. Constitution. This gave the states and the people rights and responsibilities. The Constitution was actually wanted by the people. This day is remembered as Constitution day.
  • George Washington becomes the nation’s first president

    George Washington becomes the nation’s first president
    This was the date Gen. George Washington became president via the popular vote. He was the only president to get a 100% vote. He had lots to do: give all sorts of yeses and vetoes; build roads, houses etc.; give permission for bills, laws, and projects. Remember, the U.S. was just starting to be a country for the very first time.
  • Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution

    Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution
    This gave the people more rights and responsibilities. The people were worried that the Constitution would not give them enough rights. So, the Congress also agreed to make the Bill of Rights after the Constitution was complete. The Bill of Rights gave people rights like the freedom of speech, and, over time, the right to a lawyer. The right to be tried by a jury was a very important right. When this was ratified, the people were satisfied.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    On April 30 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte sold Thomas Jefferson (the 3rd U.S. president) the Louisiana Purchase (800,000 square miles) for just 15 million dollars. Why did Napoleon Bonaparte sell this massive amount of land? France was getting ready for a war on Britain, and France needed money. When Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase, it more than doubled the U.S. This also gave the U.S. much needed ports in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The War of 1812

    The War of 1812
    The War of 1812 was a war started by the American government. This was fought by the British, Native Americans, and, of course, Americans. The goal of the war was to drive the British out of Canada (the U.S. was unsuccessful).The British set up many blockades on American ports, because they had one of the strongest navies in the world. However, the Americans still won many sea battles.