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  • Auguste Comte

    Auguste Comte
    AugusteHe was considered to be the founder of sociology. He was the first advocate the scientific study of society.
  • Harriet Martineau

    Harriet Martineau
    HarrietEmphasized sociology as a science and introduced feminism.
  • Herbert Spencer

    Herbert Spencer
    HerbertHe was an early proponent of Social Darwinism and evolutionary social change.
  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx
    KarlHe underscored the importance of conflict in social change.
  • Emile Durkheim

    Emile Durkheim
    EmileHelp develop the sociological perspective.
  • Max Weber

    Max Weber
    MaxBureaucracy reflected greatly increased efficiency in business and government.
  • Jane Addams

    Jane Addams
    She was a social reformer who spent her life working on the social problems created by the imbalance of power among social classes.
  • W.E.B. DuBois

    W.E.B. DuBois
    W.E.B.Focused on the question of race inside and outside the United States.
  • C. Wright Mills

    C. Wright Mills
    C. WrightThis American Sociologist came up with the sociological imagination. Which is the ability of individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society.