Social Studies 50 Events Period 2

  • Oct 27, 1215

    King John

    A document signed by king John made the king subject to law.
  • Oct 27, 1416

    Naval Center

    Price Henry the Navigator establishes a center for naval exploration, at Sagres, Portrugul .
  • Oct 27, 1436

    Print Press

    Johannes Gutenburg perfects his invention of the printing press.
  • Oct 27, 1492

    Chris lands

    Christopher Colombus lands in the Bahamas.
  • Oct 27, 1533

    Inca leader down!

    Francisco Pizzaro and his men kill the Inca leader Atahualpa.
  • Oct 29, 1539

    Slaves are dieing

    Native Americans Are Killing enslaved africans.
  • Henry sets Sail

    Henry Hudson makes his first Voyage to North America.
  • Who is in Jamestown?

    The first Africans in North America arrive at Jamestown,Virginia.
  • The Mayflower

    The Pilgrims sign the Mayflower sign.
  • 30 famalies are sent

    The newly formed Dutch west india company sent about 30 famalies.
  • King in China

    The King dynasty begins in china and rules until 1912.
  • Bill of Rights?

    The English Bill of Rights is passed.
  • shhhhhh! Its a secret!

    Despite the proclomation of 1763, American colonists had been settling on Native american territory secretly.
  • The Stamp Act of 1765

    This act required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, when they bought paper items.
  • Boycott time

    The first colonial Boycott started in New York.
  • Sneaky Arnold

    Arnold captured the fort and its large supply of weapons.
  • Warships being built

    The continental congress made plans to build four warships.
  • Montreal Captured

    Patriot troops led by gnereal Richard montgomery captured montreal.
  • Common Sense

    A 47 page pamphlet that was distibuted in philidalphia.
  • The british are coming

    a fleet of British ships approached New York Bay, led by General William Houl.
  • It starts to spread

    It went into affect after New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify it.
  • Declaration is made

    On this day the Thirteen Colonies issue the Declaration of Independence.
  • Slavery what?

    Slavery was legal in all colonies
  • Bold Step

    The american colonies had taken a bold step in declaring independence to great britain.
  • Run! Run!

    The tatlered continental Army was on the Run.
  • Congress passes Article

    The continental congress approves the Articles of confederation.
  • Washington needs a rest

    Washington settled his 12000 men in valley forge, north of philidalphia.
  • Molly helped to!

    Molly Pitcher loaded cannons after her husband was wounded.
  • Spain Wants In

    Spain also a bitter enemy of Britain joined the war.
  • Sweet Victory

    One of Jones most famous Victory was the capture of the british warships.
  • Congress meets

    The first continental congress meets.
  • Slavery is weakend

    The New England Colonies were taking steps to end slavery.

    Snays forces were defeated by State troops.
  • British Surrender

    The british surrender to George Whashington at Yorktown.
  • Continenta Ary falls apart

    The Continental Army had disbanded or dissolved soon after the signing of the treat of Paris.
  • Treaty of paris of 1783

    Great Britian Recognized the independence of the United Sates.
  • What will U.S shipping do?

    Spanish officials closed the lower mississippi river to U.S shipping.
  • British Magazine jokes on U.S

    The situation led a British Magazine to call the United states the Dis-United States.
  • Farmers = Revolt

    Farmers in three western countries began a revolt.
  • Where was the Constitutional Convention held?

    The constitutional Conventyion was held in Philidalphia's Independence Hall to improve the Articles of confederation.
  • Draft is Over

    The final draft of the constitution was complete.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    The ordidnance established the northwest territory, which included areas that are now in Illinois, indiana, Michigan, ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • Ratifying Constitution?

    Delaware the first state to ratify the constitution.
  • It quickly spreads

    Madison and fellow Virginia federalists convinced Virginia to Ratify it.
  • Whats Ratified?

    The english Bill of Rights is Ratified.