social studies.

  • Period: to

    ongoing timeline

  • the great migration

    african american migrated from the south to the north
  • 18th amendment

    .18th amendment.started prohition. this stasted because the womens church group saw how much alcohol was being consumed. this brought upon gangs, violence, orginized crimes. nascar started becaus eof cars runnign away from cops at full speed.
  • 19th amendment

    woman were able to vote. the leanding female was Susan B. Anthony. even though Widrow Wilfred was againgst women voting, he was the one the made voting fro women possible.
  • emergency quota act

    limited imigration to 3% of that ethinicity living in the united states. stoping catholics. all this was ment to be a temporary solution.
  • immigration act of 1924

    limited immigration to 2% of ethinicity living in the united states.immigrationpolicy is tightening. this act was in replacement to the emergency quota act
  • black thursday

    stock market loses a lot more value then any other day in american history losing 13 million dollars. it is concidered the start of the great depression.
  • black tuesday

    first day that the stock market began to collapse. it loses 12 million dollars. hoover was concerned but didnt do much.
  • F.D.R.

    F.D.R was elected to save ourselfs from the great depression.F.D.R Started the New Deal. he was in wheel chair.
  • state of economy

    worst economy for the u.s. ever. 25% unemployment rate. this causes large citizen debt, untrustworthy banks, poor decision loans, banks closed and people lost money, large gap between the poor and the rich
  • hoover dam opens

    public work project. 5000 workers to build. this helped supply electricity to places like las Vegas and Los Angeles. this was the worlds largest dam at the time.
  • G.I Bill of Rights

    new deal helped to move from ww2 to adapt to apopular culture. benefits of this were low cost mortgages, low cost loans to start business or farms. paid education,unemployment pay 2.2 million G.I went to school.
  • 1945-1991 cold war

    there were technological advantages
  • baby boo 1945-1965

    this was th era of the baby boom. the economy started doing better and people decided to have baby.
  • korean war 1950-1953

    in this time periood the korean war was going on.