• Opening

    This is the opeining shot. It sets up the video and we can instantly see teens, represented by cheerleaders and a crowd of teens
  • Period: to


  • Kurt

    This is the first shot of the band and it's obviously the lead singer Kurt Cobain. He starts singing and he has his guitar which is common for rock/grunge bands. He's also dressed young and casual
  • The Band and Group

    The Band and Group
    In this shot we can see the location/setting with the wide shot. We can also see the band alongside the extras. This shot encaptuates the video fully. The young band surrounded by wild teenagers with a basketball hoop in the background
  • Setting in Wide

    Setting in Wide
    This shot shows the back of the studio where they're filming. It emphasises that this is an indoor setting and suggests a party atmosphere
  • Performing

    This shot emphasises that the focus is still on the band, but the costume also makes the band blend in with the teens around them and emphasises the party/concert vibe
  • Final Shots

    Final Shots
    In these final shots everything is insane. The teens are dancing wildly, the band is playing and there is fire. This finale of the video closes the message the band is getting across. Teen spirit is craaaaaaazy