SMART goal

Timeline created by cyarham45
  • Period: to

    Short term SMART goal

    S- Save for an Xbox
    M- Save $500
    A- Spend less on extra activities
    R- Could buy an older one for less
    T- By 2022
  • First Step

    First Step
    My first step is going to be deciding what I want to save for. I have decided to save for a new Xbox
  • 2nd step

    2nd step
    One way I'm going to start saving money is going to be spending money on unnecessary things like extra snacks and drinks.
  • 3rd step

    3rd step
    Work extra hours to have a little extra money
  • 4th Step

    4th Step
    I could take a second job to fill in days I don't work.
  • 5th step

    5th step
    Find the store that I get the best deal and has a nice but cheap system.