sir egg yolk

  • Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart
    I was taking a nap. All of a sudden Amelia Earhart fly's right trough me being a cloud in a gas state.I can't belive she is atempting this I can not even think about flying plane but she is the first women to ever compeate this that my freinds is outragous.
  • Evapration

    Evaparation is when the sun dry's up water and you go in the cloud. I have had so many advangures it is a good thing and not a bad thing.
  • Bobby Orr

    Bobby Orr
    It was May 1972 it was the stanly cup game six. Bobby drank me and liget right after that he he scored to win the cup. I was so happy when he urinated me out
  • Shuan White strikes gold

    Shuan White strikes gold
    I was being attached to the half pipe as all the riders had been giving me pain all day. But than the last guy came I was pumped because everything was almost doon but than when he came for some reason this guy did not give me pain it brought me joy beacuse he was about to attempt somthing no one has ever tryied and he did what a trick by Shaun White
  • steve jobs

    steve jobs
    In my story I did not say anything about this. It wa october 5th 2011 steve jobs drank me andit was weird literly as soon as he drank me he died.