Sir Arthur

  • Mr. Doyle birth date

    Born in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Arthur enterd Hodder Prep School

    This is the first school he enterd as he began his ceareer.
  • He began his studies at Stonyhurst public school

    Here at Stonyhurst public school he was noted for his untidiness, aswell as his determination to go his own way
  • He was the editor of the Stonyhurst school magazine

    This was his first piece of literature public known while at Stonyhurst public school
  • The University Matriculation exam

    Arthur had took and past his University matriculation exam
  • Who inspired Arthur

    Mr. Doyle meets Dr. Joseph Bell whom gave him the idea of the character of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Arthur had enterd Edinburgh University

    While at Edinburgh Universtiy he moved to Austria to brush up on his German. Here he had to pick up a few jobs just to help pay for his tutuion.
  • The first work Mr. Doyle picked up as a Doctor

    In the summer of 1878 he worked with a doctor in general practise.
  • Arthur's father enterd into a nursing home.

    This fact here is very important, to the fact of when he was young his father would drink alchol and act out very violiently. His mother wold then take him and his other siblings into another room and began to read and sang to them. This is when Arthur bagan to form a bit of imagination.
  • The job as a Shropshire

    he use this job to send money home to his family whom was in great need at the time.
  • The first book Write by Arthur Conan Doyle

    The first story that Arthur published. He publish the book thruChamber's Journal.
  • He serves as Ship's surgeon

    Conan Doyle become's the ship surgeon of the Greenland whaler Hope.
  • A Bachelor of Medicine aswell as Master of Surgery

    Arthur is awarded with the Bacholor of medicine and Master of Surgery and later become the medical officer on the Steamer Mayumba.
  • Arthur recieves his Masters in Biology

  • The establishment his own medical practise

    Arthur establishes his own medical practise in Portsmouth.
  • Arthur joins the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society

    After join this society Arthur later published a book title Habakuk Jephson's statement. The book was writen to be fiction. But the novel was so convincing the publishers denied it. The mystery of the Marie Celeste inspired this story
  • Arhtur recieves his M.D.

  • Conan Dolye marries Louise Toulie Hawkins

    This is Arthur's first wife
  • Sherlock Holmes: A study in Scarlet is Published

    The first story of Sherlock Holmes is published
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet

    Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet
    A study in Scarlet is published
  • The first born arrives on time

    The first born arrives on time
    Mary, Doyle's frist born child is born. Soon after this Arthur publishes Micah Clarke which doesnt sell as good as others had.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

    Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four
  • Conan Doyle gives up his medical practise

    Conan Doyle gives up his medical practise
    He give up his practise and dedicates his time all to writing literature. Soon after he releases The White Company.
  • Arthur Allyne Kingsley

    Arthur Allyne Kingsley
    Arthur second child is born. He publishes The Adventures of Sherlock Holems
  • WAR

    Conan Doyle serves in the Boer War
  • The investigation of George Edalji

    Arthur uses his skills in investigation to figure out whom it was to murder Mr. Edalji
  • The Second chance at love

    Arthur marries Jean Leckie soon after his wifes sickness.
  • Denis Percy Stewart Conan Doyle

    Jean and Arthur spits out Denis Percy Stewart Conan Doyle .
  • Tragic year for Mr. Doyle's

    Arthur Son and brother dies in the same year
  • Jean the physic

    Jean the physic
    Jean Conan Doyle discovers that she had the abillities to do automatic writting.
  • The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes is published

    The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes is published