Singapore history

  • Period: to

    The Industrial Revolution

    New machines were invented that helpedmaking good more easy.Steam boats and trains were invented andused.Tuesday, March
  • The opening of Suez Cannal

    It created a shorter path way for ships to get totheir destinations.It increased singapore trades.It also increased the use of steam ships.
  • Raffels landing

    Landed in singapura on 28 january, 1819 and
    Asked to set up a tradeing settlement in singapore. and Signed the 1819 treaty
  • Raffels setting up a Brittish Tradeing settlement

    raffels met with the temenggong to ask. He agreed but it was up to the sultan to let it happen. the temenggong to raffels how the sultan became sultan instead his older brother.
  • The sighning of the 1819 treaty

    The Signing of the 1819 treaty was for the brittish to get permition to set up a trade settlement.Treaty TermsSultan Hussein Mohamed Shah - To receive 5,000 Spanish Dollars annually Temenggong Abdul Rahman - To receive 3,000 Spanish Dollars annually In Exchange ForExclusive British rights to a trading post on Singapore Island During the ceremony, the treaty was read in Malay and then in English
  • The comming of the immagrants & where they lived

    The comming of the immagrants increased the population in singapore alot. They came from all around. Europe, china, india, and malay. They each lived in eather china town, european town, kampong glam, and arab glam.
  • attack on pearl harbor

  • The T.T.S Hostpital

    The original hospital was donated by Tan was built in 1844The hospital was built by Tan Tock Seng, TanKim Ching, Tan Beng Swee, Loke Yew, WeeBoon Teck, And john Anderson. Tuesday, March
  • Japanese Occupation

    The japanes occupation is
  • Opening of Keppel Harbor

    Originally Called new harbor until 1900 whenit was named keppel was made because the old harbor got tocrowded.It helped ships sail up to the shore with outscraping the sea floor.
  • The duch monoply of trade

    The duch monoply trade was durring the time the duch controlled most of the Archipelo trade. The duch didn't want any other europeanpower have share in the archipelo trade
  • Why the immigrants came to singapore.

    They came because the brittish ket them come and go as they pleased,it had a free port,there were job and business opportunities, and because singapore was peaceful.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

    Their was frantic rushes to buy food.Singapore’s trading and shipping wasthreatened buy a german war ship.Europe countries made two groups ofcountries and felt uncertain of each other.Tuesday, March
  • The great depretion

    The Great Depression was a hard time for peopleall around the world. It started in the United States of America then it spread all across the globe. There was lots of unemploymentpeople lost money and became poor. and the cost of rubber and tin fell sharply.
  • Beging of the war and war in Europe

  • Period: to

    World war 2 & the fall of singapore

    Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Germany planned to invade countries in Europe Japanese battled malaya and singaporeTuesday, March
    And it was very messy war! The Fall of singapore happend then also.
  • attack on pearl harbor

    the attack on pearl harbor was when the jappanse bombed pearl harbor and that was when America came into WORLD WAR 2! And they declared war on the japanese.
  • battle of malaya

    The battle of malaya was on December 8, 1941. It was faught on land, in the air, and at sea.
  • Fall of singapore

    The fall of singapore was on 7 Feb, 1942. It's called the fall of singapore because it's when the japanese took over singapore. the japanese took over singapore because they wanted to have more power over people. This is how the japanes took over singapore:
    first- the japanese Commander took over the palace of the sultan of jahor
    -then they attacked Pulau Ubin
    - they batteled for bukit timha
    -the british desided to surender
    - the british surrendered
  • Period: to

    The syonan years

  • Japanese surender& retun of the brittish

    Surrendered on August 15, 1945 because of the attomic bombs that the americans used to make them surrender. But the brittish didnt return until early september.
  • Mr. Howitt wore shoes

    Mr. Howitt wore shoes!!!!!!!
  • Dropping of the attomic bombs

    the americans dropped the attomic bombs because the japanese would not surender so they first dropped "little boy" on the jappanese city Hiroshmia and it killed many people but the japanese still wouldnt surender so they dropped another one called "Fat Man" on the japanese city Nagasaki and then finnaly on 15 aug, 1945 the japanese emperor anonccend the end of war.
  • Raffles setting up a brittish trading settelment

    Raffels met with the temenggong and the temenggong told a story about the sultan. he also agreed to raffels ofer and told raffels that it is the sultans desision to let it happen
  • Why was singapore chosen?

    It was chosen because raffels belived that singapore was a ideal place to start a brittish tradeing settlement.
  • Contributions of the immagrants