Silk Road TImeline

  • 100

    Opening of Silk Road

    Originated during the 1st centuray BC. Leaders were Yuezhi and Xiongnu. The silk road was made to become for way people can trade and sell goods. This is significant because this tells us when the Silk Road was originated.
  • Period: 100 to Feb 8, 1500

    Silk Road

  • 200

    Qin Dynasty

    206 BC the Qin Dynasty collapese. And the Han Dynasty takes over.
  • 300

    Silk in China

    Silk was very first produced in China in 3000 BC. This is significant because we know where silk came from.
  • 300

    The Sumerians

    In 3000 B.C the Sumerians develop first writting system. This helped them to communicate.
  • 560


    560's was the birth of Buddha. This is significant because the birth of Buddha tied together all the other cultures and religions with the silk.
  • Feb 8, 600

    Silk Technology

    1600 BC. everyone had knowledge of SIlk Technology. They used silk in many diffrent ways from farming- to weaving.
  • Feb 8, 600

    Silk Road Blocked

    6 BC and AD 5- Hany dynasty loses control of Tarim River Basin to Huns. They end up blocking the Silk Road.
  • Feb 8, 1000


    1st c. CE, People in Rome started using silk also. This is significant because it shows that the silk traveled all the way from china to rome.
  • Buddhism and China

    in 166 AD Han Emperor introduced buddismh to china in palace ceremonies.
  • Re opening of Silk Road

    92 AD They go to war and defeat the Xiong-Nu tribes by Han Dynasty Armies under leadership. They re opend the Silk Trading Routes.
  • Chinese taking over

    After AD 220, Chinese takes over Tarim Basin. Due to this, silk trade increasingly usess seas route. The silk road map can prove that the silk traveled to everywhere but two places, Lou-Lan, and near Niya River.
  • Silk being used

    8000 BC was when the Chinese started to come up with ideas of using silk. They started weaving the silk making clothes.