Significant Events In Pacific War (World War ||)

  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Japan Invades Manchuria
    The Japanese chose to invade Manchuria to expand their empire and also to fear the Soviets. They wanted to achieve the entire control of East Asia and to do this would be to begin taking over Manchuria. It is commonly known as the Manchurian incident and the japanese attacked chinese troops.
  • Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor

    Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor
    Japan planned a surprise attack on Americas Pearl harbor. This was significant to japan because Japan disliked the U.S the most and knew that Americas largest naval fleet and base was at Pearl Harbor. By forcing the attack to be early in the morning, the Americans would not be aware and therefore would have nothing to protect them.
  • Japan Bombs Darwin, Australia

    Japan Bombs Darwin, Australia
    Japan bombed Darwin for some reasons which made it significant to World War 2. Firstly, it was the largest attack that had every occurred to Australia. Australia was also apart of the Pacific region that Japan strived to occupy.
  • U.S Atomic Bombs Attack Japan

    U.S Atomic Bombs Attack Japan
    The Americans were very revengeful after the major fall of Pearl Harbor and bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was significant to Japan because both cities were unexpectedly bombed and millions of people died from the atomic bomb.
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan Surrenders
    After the fatal blow of the bombing of the two cities from the U.S, one week later Japan surrendered from the war. This was significant to the war because Japan was one of 3 Enemies against the allies.