Significant Events in Hong Kong History

  • Period: to

    First Opium War

  • British Took Over Hong Kong

  • Treaty of Nanking

    The Treaty of Nanking started to end the first opium war.
  • Second Opium War

    The second opium war ended at 1860.
  • Hong Kong and Shang Hai Bank opened

  • Peak Tram Opened

  • The Japanese Occupation

    The japanese occupied Hong Kong for three years and eight months. So it ended in 1945.
  • The battle of Hong Kong

  • Japanese Surrender

  • The lion rock tunnel opened

  • The cross harbour tunnel opened

  • The opening of the Hong Kong MTR

    The hong kong mtr finally opened at 1979.
  • Discussion about Hong Kong

    Margret Thatcher and Deng Xiaoping to discusses about the future of Hong Kong
  • Announcement

    Margaret Thatcher announces that the whole of Hong Kong is to be handed back to China at midnight on June 30th 1997
  • 1997 Handover

    At 1997, 1st of July, British gave Hong Kong back to China.
  • SARS

    SARS is a respiratory disease which made a lot of people in Hong Kong die and it ended in July.
  • International Financial Centre in Hong Kong was completed

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Opens

  • Swine Flu (H5N1)

    The swine flu made schools close down and also killed a lot of people in 2009