Significant battles of the revolution

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  • Battle of Lexington and concord

    Battle of Lexington and concord
    The battle of concord and Lexington was between the British and colonists. the two town were important because they housed weaponry and ammunition. The supplies was very important if the colonist wanted to fight the British. The battle left eight Americans dead at concord and the colonist retreated. British thought they won the battle. So when they marched to concord they where ambushed with colonist. This caused the British to retreated giving the colonist there first victory.
  • Battle of Bunker hill

    Battle of Bunker hill
    The battle of bunker hill ended in a British win against the Americans. Even thought the British won the Americans lost very few soldier unlike the British who lost a significant amount of casualties. The battle started out when America was on the hill, where the wipes out many British soldier underneath them until the ran out of ammunition and retreated.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Washington and his army trapped the British at Saratoga resulting in the British surrendering.
  • Washington crosses the Delaware

    Washington crosses the Delaware
    George Washington and the Continental army were forced to abandon New York City and driven across by the British. Then on Christmas night Washington and his army crossed the Delaware river, surprising the hessians at Trenton and taking around 900 prisoners.
  • Siege of Yorktown

    Siege of Yorktown
    The siege of Yorktown was the last major battle in the American Revolution. What happen was the France and Americans both attacked from each side leading the British to have no choice and surrender there biggest army.