Shooting Schedule

  • Studio Shoot 01

    Today will be the day we shoot in the drama studio, most of the cast will be present and we will shoot the surreal elements of the music video and most of the group shots.
  • Studio Shoot 02

    Second day of studio shooting, those who weren't present in yesterdays shooting will be in today.
    Today will be a much smaller shoot but will require some set up and also the last remaining parts of the studio photoshoot/fashion show element for the music video.
  • Interior Shoot 01

    This shot was organised with the actor Kit, we will be filming at his home today and getting his standalone shots.
  • Interior Shoot 02

    This day will involve the actor Niall, and today we will film his standalone shots for the music video today at his house.
    Subject to be rescheduled if needed.
  • Interior Shoot 03

    This shoot is with the Actress Lauren, I will be filming her standalone segment today. This will be at her hour roughly after school hours.
  • Exterior Shoot 01

    This will be updated shortly
  • Pick Up Shots

    Today will be the last of Principle Photography, they are known as Pick Up Shots, this is very useful as they allow me to film additional scenes/shots after reviewing the pre recorded footage from previous shooting days.
    After assessing what extra footage is needed and what I can get away with, I will use today to film the location shots in Manchester Town Centre and use some iconic landmarks for my backdrops.
    I will recruit predominantly most of the cast members to attend.