Shogunate Japan

By Seann_G
  • 481

    Start of Warring States Period

    Time period between 481 BC and 403 BC, The system of feudal states created by the Western Zhou Dynasty underwent enormous changes after 771 BC with the flight of the Zhou court to modern-day Luoyang and the diminution of its relevance and power. The Spring and Autumn Period led to the strengthening of a few states at the expense of many others, who could no longer depend on central authority or legitimacy for their protection.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1180 to Dec 31, 1185

    Minamoto Clan Seizes Power

    As a result of this, the kamakura shogunate occured.
  • Apr 25, 1232

    ‘Goseibai Shikimoku’ legal code established

    The Goseibai Shikimoku or the Formulary of Adjudications was the legal code of the Kamakura shogunate in Japan, promulgated by third shikken Hojo Yasutoki in 1232. It is also called Joei Shikimoku after the era name.Before enacting the Goseibai Shikimoku, the Kamakura shogunate conducted trials without formal laws
  • Feb 2, 1274

    First Mongol Invasion

    In 1274, the Yuan fleet set out, with an estimated 15,000 Mongol and Chinese soldiers and 8,000 Korean soldiers, in 300 large vessels and 400-500 smaller craft, although figures vary considerably depending on the source. They ravaged the islands of Tsushima and Iki, including piercing the hands of women and hanging them on their boats. They landed on November 19 in Hakata Bay, a short distance from Dazaifu, the ancient administrative capital of Kyushu.
  • Jan 1, 1281

    Second Mongol Invasion

    The Japanese army was heavily outnumbered, but had fortified the coastal line, and was easily able to repulse the auxiliaries that were launched against it. Beginning August 15, the now-famous kamikaze, a massive typhoon, assaulted the shores of Kyūshū for two days straight, and destroyed much of the Mongol fleet.
  • Feb 1, 1348

    Rivalry between Northern and Southern Emperors begins.

    In 1348, he became Crown Prince. In the same year, he became Northern Emperor upon the abdication of Emperor Kōmyō. Although Emperor Kōgon ruled as cloistered Emperor, the rivalry between Ashikaga Takauji and Ashikaga Tadayoshi began.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1353 to Dec 31, 1353

    Firearms arrive in Japan

    Firearms were introduced into Japan in the 13th century but were not used often until the 16th century. The portuguese introduced them into the country of Japan
  • Sep 17, 1408

    Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

    Ashikaga Yoshimitsu September 25, 1358 – May 31, 1408) was the 3rd shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who ruled from 1368 to 1394 during the Muromachi period of Japan. Yoshimitsu was the son of the second shogun Ashikaga Yoshiakira. "The principal beneficiary of these achievements [the solid political and economic standing of the Muromachi Bakufu] was the adult Yoshimitsu, who assumed power in his own right upon the forced resignation of Hosokawa Yoriyuki in 1379.
  • The Tokugawa shogunate rules Japan

    The Tokugawa shogunate, also known as the Tokugawa bakufu he Tokugawa shogunate, also known as the Tokugawa bakufu was a feudal regime of Japan established by Tokugawa Ieyasu and ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family.The Tokugawa shogunate ruled from Edo Castle from 1600 until 1868, when it was abolished during the Meiji Restoration. his period is known as the Edo period and gets its name from the capital city, Edo, which is now called Tokyo, after the name was changed in 1868.