Shoe's Timescale Dyllan Cottman

  • Shoe's in the 1950's

    Shoe's in the 1950's
    The shoes were often very high, but with rounded or peep toes and low cut front uppers and sometimes had sturdy Cuban heels.
  • Shoes in the 1960's

    Shoes in the 1960's
    They were sharp toes, stiletto heels . Rounded toes and flat or square heels became fashionable
  • shoes in 1970's

    shoes in 1970's
    pair thick soles with narrower high heels and even stilettos, held on the foot by laces which wrapped around the wearer's leg.
  • shoes in the 1980's

    shoes in the 1980's
    They were high-top converse sneakers were a large part of the 80's, how shoes today came about like Jordan 1's
  • shoes in the 1990's

    shoes in the 1990's
    chunky platform shoes, demure kitten heels and the polarizing square toe also similar to the 80's
  • shoes in the 2000's

    shoes in the 2000's
    All 2000's shoes are shoes that became popular to this and are still shoes that a lot of people wear such as uggs, square toe sandals, platform pumps, clear shoes, ballet flats, and converse all-stars etc.
  • shoes in 2023 (now)

    shoes in 2023 (now)
    It's many different brands and different types of shoes from high-heels to flip-flops, to Jordan 3's, 4's, 1's, and dunks that are low type of jordan 1's also balenciaga track runners where they even light at the bottom. There is all different types of styles,