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Shawn johnson

  • Born

    Bright and smiley Shawn Machel Johnson was born in Des Moines, Iowa. She was born to be a gymnast.
  • Period: to


    Her parents noticed her climbing all over cabinets in the house. Thus, they decided to enroll her in a young childrens gymnastics class.
  • Period: to

    Age six: More gymnastics.

    Her parents enrolled her at Liang Chows gymnastics & dance institute at the age of six. this would be her second gym.
  • Level 10

    Level 10
    in '04 shawn competed in the junior olympics and placed 4 in the AA, first on Beam & second on the floor.
  • Junior Elite

    Junior Elite
    at the US championship shawn placed first on every event except on the uneven bars where she placed 2. but still finished strong by placing first in the AA.
  • Senior

    Shawn competes as a senior in Jacksonville against teammate Natasha Kelley at the Tyson American Cup and wins first place in the all around.
  • Worlds 2007

    Worlds 2007
    Shawn competes at worlds at places first in the all around and first place on floor. team results: 184.400 final score.
  • Pre '08 Olympics.

    Pre '08 Olympics.
    She competed at the American cup but sadly fell on her vault with a 15.175 score. Shawn scored first on every event besides the unevens which Liukin score basically an entire point higher than her, causing shawn to place second in the AA.
  • Nationals

    Shawn won the all around and floor champ. once again against her rival Nastia. She won only by one point infornt of Liukin.
  • Trials

    Olympic trials in philly where shawn finishes again infront of nastia But they both were pput on the olympic line up right after.
  • Period: to


    The USA team won silver in the team AA and johnson won the 2nd place tittle in the AA sadly, being beaten by her teammate nastia liukin. Then later won first on beam during event finals.
  • Pledge

    Shawn led the pledge at a democratic national convention.soooo i guess that means she's a democrat.
  • Stalking

    Shawn was stalked by a 34 year old named Robert O'Ryan. He carried a loaded firearm, duct tape, zip ties & love letter that he had written to her.
  • Seventh inning stretch

    Seventh inning stretch
    Shawn throw the first pitch in the seventh period strech at wrigley field. It was not that great of a throw. Just saying.
  • Period: to

    Come back

    shawn is planning on making a come back so that she can make it to the 2012 olympics! I cannot wait to see her compete this year against Jordyn & Mckayala great competition!