Shant Kenderian

Timeline created by leahchip
  • Day 1

    Day 1
    Thought about biography ideas and decided to find a war story
  • Day 2

    Day 2
    Went to the library in search of war story and found "1001 Nights in Iraq"
  • Day 3

    Day 3
    Learned of Shant Kenderian's background as an Armenian by ethnicity, an Iraqi citizen by birth, but a permanent resident of the United States (pgs. 1-36)
  • Day 4

    Day 4
    Learned of Shant's resourcefulness with almonds after getting dafted into the Iraqi army (pgs. 37-80)
  • Day 5

    Day 5
    Talked with my mom about someone I could interview and decided on a war veteran
  • Day 6

    Day 6
    Read about the people of Qaro Island considering Shant and his comrades heroes (pgs. 81-93)
  • Day 7

    Day 7
    Read about Shant and his comrades surrendering to the Americans and being taken as POWs (pgs. 94-106)
  • Day 8

    Day 8
    Learned about Shant's asking for food and blankets on behalf of the Iraqi POWs since he could speak both Arabic and English (pgs. 107-140)
  • Day 9

    Day 9
    Read about Shant being accused of being a spy by American interrogators (pgs. 141-170)
  • Day 10

    Day 10
    Wrote first blog post about how I went to the library and picked my biography
  • Day 11

    Day 11
    Read about Shant revealing the truth about Saddam Hussein's power (pgs. 171-199)
  • Day 12

    Day 12
    Made a list with my mom of all the war veterans we know
  • Day 13

    Day 13
    Read about Shant meeting Monica (pgs. 200-212)
  • Day 14

    Day 14
    Edited and posted first blog post on postress
  • Day 15

    Day 15
    Learned of Shant's becoming friends with the American soldiers and playing cards (pgs. 213-230)
  • Day 16

    Day 16
    Read about Monica contacting Shant's mother to let her know he was okay (pgs. 231-245)
  • Day 17

    Day 17
    Wrote first paragraph of second blog post on my childhood heros
  • Day 18

    Day 18
    Wrote second paragraph of second blog post about supposed heroes from the media
  • Day 19

    Day 19
    Wrote third paragraph of second blog post about heroes in the literature we've read this year in English class
  • Day 20

    Day 20
    Read about Shant being handed to the Saudis by the Americans (pgs. 246-258)
  • Day 21

    Day 21
    Edited second blog post and posted it to posterous
  • Day 22

    Day 22
    Read about Shant being able to contact the United States embassy (pgs.259-266)
  • Day 23

    Day 23
    Read about Shant's arrival back in the U.S. (pgs.267-280)
  • Day 24

    Day 24
    Recorded days 1-16 on timeline
  • Day 25

    Day 25
    Read about Shant's life after returning to the U.S. and what happened to the people he met during his imprisonment
  • Day 26

    Day 26
    Shared passage about Shant's saving Bassim from his suicide attempt with the class
  • Day 27

    Day 27
    Recorded days 17-27 on timeline