Shakespeare's Renaissance

  • Apr 17, 1550

  • Jan 1, 1564


    Shakespeare is born.
  • Jan 1, 1565


    First American colony established (by the Spanish).
  • Jan 1, 1582


    Shakespeare marries Anne Hathowey.
  • English in the US

    First English colony established in the US.
  • legacy begins

    Shakespeare leaves his home of Stratford to work in theatres.
  • Theatre in turmoil

    London theatres close because of the Bubonic Plague epidemic.
  • Globe Theatre

    Shakespeare buids his famous Globe Theatre.
  • Hamlet

    Shakespeare publishes one of his most famous pieces, Hamlet.
  • Chamberlain's Men

    Shakespeare founds his acting team, the Chamberlain's Men.
  • Othello

    The first performace of Othello is done.
  • Jamestown

    The first European colony was founded, Jamestown.
  • globe of fire

    The Globe is burned down.
  • rebuilding the stage

    The Globe is rebuilt only a year after it is burned to the grownd.
  • Death

    Shakespeare dies at the age of 52.
  • Mayflower

    Mayflower arives at New Plymouth.
  • Vesuvius

    Mt. Vesuvius erupts, destroying five towns.
  • The last destruction

    the 2nd globe theatre was destroyed by puritans.
  • Newton

    Isaac Newton explains gravitational theories.