Sex Education in the United States

By jdowns4
  • The birds and bees

    Geddes and Thomson's The Evolution of Sex was an important work in providing ways of talking about "the birds and the bees" It approached the topic of sexual reproduction via forms of life remote from humans, in-cluding amoebas, plants, insects and animals before finally moving onto humman beings.
  • National Education Association

    National Education Association
    First discussed the subject of "moral education in schools."
    (The Daily Beast)
  • Progressive Era

    Dr. Prince Morrow established the American Society of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, working with youth on sexually transmitted disease prevention. (
  • Chicago

    Chiago became the first major city to implement sex education for high schools. (The Daily Beast)
  • NEA

    National Education Association began to endorse sex education, referred to as sex hygiene. (
  • Chamberlain-Kahn Act

    Chamberlain-Kahn Act
    Chanberlain-Kahn Act focused on STDs during WWI, money was given to educate soldiers about syphilis and gonorrhea. (The Daily Beast)
  • Curriculums

    Schools began to integrate sex education into their curriculums through the use of films. (The Daily Beast)
  • Publication

    The U.S. Office of Education began to pulish materials and train teachers on sex education. (The Daily Beast)
  • College Campus

    Courses in human sexuality began to appear on college campuses (The Daily Beast)
  • Sex Education in the class

    During this time sex-education was primarily taught as part of social-hygiene classes and called "homemaking". (

    Dr. Mary Calderone founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council. (The Daily Beast)
  • Grants

    U.S. Office of Education gave New York University a grant to develop graduate programs of training sex-education teachers. (The Daily Beast)
  • AFLA

    Congress passed the Adolescent Family Life Act (AFLA), Title XX of the Public Health Service Act, also known as "the chastity law." Designed to encourage adolescents to postpone sexual activity until marriage. (
  • Title V

    Title V of the Welfare Reform Act, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), set up a new system of grants for state providing abstinence ony until marriage education that used a specific eight-point criteria. (
  • Title XI

    A third abstinence-only education program community based that used the eight-part defintion of abstinence only, and refrain from providing young people with information about contraception or safer-sex practices. (
  • CBAE

    SPRANS-CBAE was moved from under teh administration of the Health and Human Services into the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and became known as Community-Based Abstinence Education. (
  • States

    Nearly half of all states decided against applying for state-based abstinence-only education due to restrictions and requirements of matching funds. (
  • Obama Budget

    Obama Budget
    President Obama's 2010 budget eliminates most federal funding for abstinence-only sex-education programs. Replacing them with programs for increase contraceptive use, reduce teen pregnancy, and delay sexual activity. (
  • Federal Funding

    Federal Funding
    Federal funding eliminated two programs AFL, CBAE, and initiated Personal Reponsibility Education Program (PREP) and Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) with 155 million a year. (