Sergei Rach maninoff

By J.E.T
  • He was born as the 5th child of an aristocratic family

  • his family move to ST Petersburg

    he was admitted in the ST Petersburg Conservatory
  • his sister Sofia dies of diphtheria

  • his parents separate

  • he's sent to the Moscow Conservatory

    there he meets Tchaikovsky who helps him
  • he's graduated a year earlier with hig honors

  • He wrote,

    The Rock.
    In honor of Tchaikovsky’s death;Trio élégiaque
  • he make a foult and he lost his confidence

  • he makes his first trip in London

  • he wrote his second piano concerto

  • he marry his first cousin Natalya Satina

    they have two daughters,Irina and Tatyana
  • he wroteThe Miserly Knight

  • he wrote Francesca da Rimini

  • he wrote Monna Vanna but Maurice Maeterlinck refuses to release the rights.

  • death of daughter Irina’s husband

  • Composed: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

  • compose: the Third Symphony

  • composed: Symphonic Dances

  • died