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  • Unicycle

    SIngle-wheeled, less complex variation of bicycle. Higher level of skill involved for operation, and not as practical in terms of transportation efficiency. Often used for artistic performance and entertainment puposes.
  • Bicycle

    By far the most popular and widespread means of land transportation in the world. Two-wheeled, human powered vehicle with roots in nineteenth century Europe. Have evolved over time to encompass models designed for commute, recreation, racing, and entertainment, among others.
  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycles were the world's first petroleum-powered vehicles and are manufactured in two and three-wheeled models. Motorcycles can include mopeds as well as motorized bikes and scooters, and provide a cheaper alternative of long-distance transportation to automobiles.
  • Skateboard

    Typically used for recreation or short-range transportation. Developed as land-bound alternative to surfing in late 1940's to early 1950's. Boards also frequently used as personal cultural statements.
  • Personal Water Craft (Jet Ski)

    Personal Water Craft (Jet Ski)
    Used as method of water-based personal transportation, often for recreational purposes. Initially developed in Europe in mid 1950's, elaborated in U.S. in later decades
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

    All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
    High-speed vehicle capable of traversing a variety of surfaces
    Commonly take the form of four-wheeled "quads"
    Used for recreation, racing alike
  • Segway

    Dual-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle. Ideal for slower, short range transportation
  • Solowheel

    Almost like a cross between segway and unicycle, the Solowheel is a compact, ultra-portable electric transportation device. Ideal for slower, short to medium- range movement while also affordable and convenient.