Second WWII Timeline

  • Winston Churchill

    The English Prime MInister during world war two
  • Franklin Delano Rosevelt (FDR)

    The longest running US. President who lead the country through times of crisis
  • Benito Mussolini

    The leader of The National Facist Party in italty ex-policeman
  • Harry S Truman

    The 33rd president served at the end of the war after FDR
  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler the supreme chancelor of Facist Germany
  • U.S. declares Neutrality

    a very importent deal this is the US. offically declaring themsevles seperate from foreign affairs
  • Vernon Baker

    Medal of Honor recepient
  • Audie Murphy

    most decorated American Soldier in WWII
  • Rape of Nanking

    the massacure of thousands chinese people by japanese soldiers
  • Pearl Harbor

    the first attack on american soil (we all know this)
  • Japanese-American Interment Camps

    this is after the attack on pearl harbor when the united states segregated japanese americans in "interment camps" aka concentration camps
  • Victory Gardens

    the way the average everyday civilian contributed to the war effort by becoming self suffecient allowing food to go to troops
  • Dictator

    an almighty ruler of a country/people
    ex. Adolf Hitler,Musolinii
  • Facism

    the ideaology that one person should hold all the power and his/her word was law
  • Lend Lease Act

    the US gave some supplies to allies basically breaking the act of neutrality
  • office of war information (OWI)

    the united states own way of distrubuting propaganda both over-seas and at home
  • Propaganda

    spreading ideas in an attempt to change how people think
  • Womens roles in WWII

    they had a role that they as women in the 1940s wouldn't have they actually had a purpose other then housework they worked in shops factories and industrial labor
  • War Bonds and Rationing

    these were acts done by the government in an effort to raise money and food and other supplies for the military
  • fire bonbing of dresen

    the bombing of dresden