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  • Stave 1

    Stave 1
    In the first stave Scrooge was a lonely grumpy old man who kept to himself. He was as cold hearted as he looked and he was very bitter and rude.
  • Stave 2

    Stave 2
    When Scrooge sees the Ghost of Christmas Past he is a little intimidated but he is still very bitter. When the ghost takes him back to his young self in the past and he gets a little emotional,
  • Stave 3

    Stave 3
    Scrooge is confronted by the Ghost of Christmas Present and his inner shell comes out. He resorts to begging with the spirit because things that he sees are too painful to bare.
  • Stave 4

    Stave 4
    In this stave Scrooge has given up on fighting and now knows to let the spirit guid him where they will. Scrooge saw his future self dead and doesn't like the thought of it, so he know that he has to change his ways to stop this from happening.
  • Stave 5

    Stave 5
    This is the final stave and this is when Scrooge has finally come around and is merry and jolly and not the mean man he onece was.
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