School Year

  • First Day Of School

    Something I was NOT looking forward too. Summer went by too fast.
  • Passed my road test

    Took my road test at 12 and passed!
  • End of First Marking Period

    Have good grades. 3. GPA
    I hopefully will not have that D in English still.
  • Thanksgiving

  • Exams! Day 1

    1/2 Day
    Pass Exams
  • Exams! Day 2

    1/2 Day
    Pass Exams
  • End of Second Marking Period

    Remain with good grades
  • 1st Day of Exams

    1/2 Day
    Pass Exams
  • 2nd Day of Exams

    1/2 Day & LAST DAY
    Pass Exams
  • Graduation!

    Walk with class.