Satoshi Tajiri

  • Satoshi Tajiri is born.

    Satoshi Tajiri is born.
    Satoshi Tajiri is born in tokyo to a Nissan car salesman and a Housewife. Tajiri was raised from then in tokyo.
  • Satoshi discovers a passion

    Satoshi discovers a passion
    Satoshi discovers Space Invaders. this is the arcade game he will spend a lot of time on in the future. this awakened his passion for creating video games.
  • Satoshi's childhood

    Satoshi's childhood
    Satoshi Tajiri grew up in Machida Tokyo, as some-what of a troubled Child. Satoshi cut classes frequently, causing him to come close to not graduating.
  • Satoshi creates gaming magazine

    Satoshi creates gaming magazine
    At age 17, Satoshi tajiri created Game Freak Magazine, attracting the attention of Ken Sugimori who wanted to be involved. Sugimori became the Character Artist for Pokemon 13 years later.
  • The pokemon Games

    The pokemon Games
    Tajiri started development on Pokemon Red and Green. making these games nearly bankrupted Game Freak Inc.
  • Satoshi Tajirir's mentor

    Satoshi Tajirir's mentor
    Shigeru Miyamoto was the developer of many famous games like Donkey Kong and Mario. He and Tajiri worked together on games and help in the production of eachothers games.
  • Other Projects

    Other Projects
    Tajiri helps the devolopment of many games alongside his mentor. these games include "Mario and Wario" and "Yoshi" both only being made in Japan.
  • Pulseman

    Satoshi Tajiri started work on another game called Pulseman. this was devoloped by his company, Game Freak Inc.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo Publishes the Pokemon games.

    When Tajiri presented pokemon to Nintendo they were skeptical at first. But after Tajiri's work on other games they trusted him with the Franchise
  • T.v. Series

    T.v. Series
    Tajiri, along with nintendo, created the pokemon anime to air on W.B kids. The show was (and still is) very popular amoung 5-15 Year-Olds.
  • Creation of his second pokemon game

    Creation of his second pokemon game
    Satoshi Tajiri directed his second duo of pokemon games " gold" and "Silver". this was set to be the last of his releases but sales were so good.
  • Satoshi releases Thrid genration Pokemon

    Satoshi releases Thrid genration Pokemon
    Tajiri directs the production of pokemon Ruby and Saphirire. These two games become the Third wave of Pokemon.