Santiago's Journey

  • Period: to

    Santiago's Journal

  • Dream Recurrence

    Santiago had a dream about finding his treasure, and he had the same dream in the Sycamore Church. This began his whole journey through his life
  • Future Prediction

    Santiago thought more about his dream about finding his treasure. He decided to go to a gypsy to get the dream analyzed.
  • Meeting Melchizedek

    Santiago was told by Melchizedek to fulfill his personal legend. Santiago was also given Urim and Thummim.
  • Arrival at Tarifa

    Santiago makes it to the docks of Tarifa. He thinks he met a nice person to show him where the pyramids are, but he has actually met someone who has stolen everything he has.
  • Crystal Merchant

    Santiago worked for the crystal merchant. Eventually, Santiago made enough money to go to spain and buy 120 sheep.
  • Met Englishmen

    Santiago was introduced to Santiago, and somehow made a friend for the trip through the desert.
  • Al-Fayoum

    He arrived at al-fayoum. Alchemist lived here. This was a checkpoint in the middle of the desert.
  • Birds

    Santiago has a vision watching 2 birds fly around. What he thought he saw was a tribe invading the oasis.
  • Plans

    Santiago and the Alchemist made plans to travel together.
  • Caught in the act

    Tribesman found them in a dune camping. Alchemist told them that Santiago needed a couple of days to turn himself to the wind.
  • Santiago turned in

    Santiago sucessfully completed the challenge by turning himself into the desert, and soul of the world.
  • Giza

    He traveled to the pyramids by himslef, and was beaten by people here. They told him not to acknowledge the drrams.
  • His Treasure

    Santiago found his treasure at the church where he had the dream.