Santiago's Journey in "The Alchemist"

  • Mar 24, 1362

    Sanitago has his dream.

    Santiago has been a shepherd for two years. He recently had a dream about the Pyramids in Egypt and is now going to see a Gypsy to explain it.
  • Mar 25, 1362

    Santiago goes to see a gypsy.

    When he has this dream, he goes to see a gypsy to figure out what the dream means. The gypsy says that he must go to the pyramids of Egypt to find his treasure.
  • Mar 25, 1362

    Santiago meets Melchizedek.

    Melchizedek is an Old King who tells Santiago to follow his Personal Legend (His Personal Legend is to go to the Pyramids of Egypt and find his treasure).
  • Apr 20, 1362

    Santiago is robbed!

    After selling his sheep, he made his way to Tangier where he gave his money to a new "friend" who stole his money.
  • Apr 20, 1363

    Santiago gets a job.

    After being robbed, Santiago needs money to make it across the Sahara. He works for a crystal merchant for 1 whole year.
  • May 27, 1363

    The Caravan.

    Santiago joins a caravan to take him across the desert. He meets the Englishman who is also in pursuit of his Personal Legend, to meet the alchemist and become one. They become close on their journey across the desert.
    They arrive at an oasis and Santiago has a vision of an invading army. He tells the oasis leaders and is named counselor of the oasis because his vision was correct.
  • May 29, 1363

    Love at first sight.

    Santiago falls in love with a girl named Fatima but she tells him that his Personal Legend is more important and that he must leave her to seek his treasure.
  • May 29, 1363

    The alchemsit.

    Santiago meets the alchemist who helps him cross the desert to get to the pyramids while he also teaches him many things about the desert.
  • Jun 17, 1363

    Santiago gets robbed AGAIN!

    Santiago makes it to the pyramids and starts digging where his heart had told him to. He dug forever and never found anything. Some thugs come up and beat him and take what gold he has left. One of them tells Santiago about a dream he had where there was treasure hidden under a church in Spain, but the thug said he wasn't stupid enough to travel that far for treasure.
  • Jul 11, 1363

    Santiago returns.

    Santiago returns back to the church in Spain that he first had his dream. That is also the church that the thug was talking about, so Santiago digs and digs until he finally finds a chest full of riches. He now plans to go back to Africa to get Fatima.