Ryan's Life

  • Failed U.S. Rescue Attempt to Save Hostages in Tehran

    Link Recourse from this event efftects me later in life.
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    Ryan's Life

  • Gulf of Sidra incident

    http://lcweb2.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?frd/cstdy:@field%28DOCID+ly0145%29 Recourse from this event efftects me later in life.
  • "Thriller" Release date

    http://www.starpulse.com/Music/Jackson,_Michael/Discography/album/P4576/R10089/ Release of most widely popular album. Music is a large part of most any person's life. This particular one was notable on a worldwide scale and has continued to have sales until today.
  • Time Magazine Person of the year-Computer

    Source link Computer has lasting effects on my life and worldwide influence foreshadowed by this award.
  • Nineteen-Eighty Four Release Date

    Link Release date of movie of one of my favorite books.
  • Nintendo Release Date

    Link Release of first gaming system I played on in my youth.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

    Link Hate to use wikipedia, but I recall watching this occur and hoping the astronauts would still be alive. I didn't comprehend at my young age what actually happened. It left its mark on my and this country.
  • Baby Jessica Falls down the well

    Link I recall watching this on television with my parents. It was the first 'live action' event I recall watching as it unfolded.
  • Last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

  • Iray Invades Kuwait

  • Desert Storm starts

    I recall watching this on the news and not knowing where this part of the world was or how it affected us as Amercians.
  • President Bush gets sick in Japan

    I recall watching this on the news and Saturday Night Live having a parody of it.
  • Somolia

    Link I remember watching the news footage and wondering why we were in Somalia and why were they doing what they were doing to our military members there.
  • OJ Simpson low speed chase

    Link The news played this during a basketball game. I wondered why would a rich former althlete be on the run from police.
  • Oklahoma City bombing

    Link My reeaction to the news was one of surprise that this could happen in the middle of the United States.
  • Khobar Towers bombed

    This would affect me later in life.
  • North Hollywood Shootout

  • UNABomber pleads guily

    This brought an end to on domestic terrorist.
  • Colombine Higs School shooting

    I recall this happeing on the news. I graduated from high school in 1999 and there were concerns it would happen again. I only wanted to graduate to continue on with my life.
  • Elian Gonzalez

    Elian Gonzalez is returned to Cuba. I wondered why this was such an issue.
  • 9/11

  • Beltway Snipers

    In the post 9/11 world, this caused concern all over. I was attending Mount Mercy College at the time and some people had concerns it would occur in other locations in the form of copycat killings.
  • Iraq war begins

    Link I was about to graduate from Mount Mercy and go to graduate school at Western Illinois University. It seemed surreal that we were going into Iraq and be in Afghanistan at the same time. I never would have expected that I would be there a few years later.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    I had just finished college and New Orleans was devastated by this weather incident. I felt fortunate that I did not live in that part of the country. I would later be a part of a natural disaster response force.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Link I was sent to Port-au-Prince following the earthquake to assist with recovery efforts. My unit's main responsibility was airfield security.