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Ryan Howard by Mark B

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  • Ryan Howard was born.

    Ryan Howard was born.
    Ryan's full name is Ryan James Howard. His parent's names are Cheryl and Ron Howard.
  • world searies

    world searies
    Howard led the majors with 48 homers and 146 RBIs last season while helping the Phillies win their first World Series title since 1980.
  • rookie of the year

    rookie of the year
    On September 1, Howard made his first Major League plate appearance, striking out against Jaret Wright in a pinch-hit at-bat (for Vicente Padilla) in a 7–2 loss to the Atlanta Braves.
  • First hit aganst braves

    First hit aganst braves
    On September 6, Howard logged his first Major League hit in a single at-bat in a 3–1 loss to the Braves.
  • 45 home run

    45 home run
    Howard hit .279 with 45 home runs and a Major League-leading 141 RBIs last season.
  • The arrival

    Howard arrived at the Phillies' Spring Training facility at Bright House Field in good spirits.
  • Weight

    He weighs about 245 pounds, which he said is exactly where he wants to be as Spring Training begins.