Ruth Hartz's Holocaust Story

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    Ruth Hartz's Holocaust Experience

  • The Demarcation Line Closes

    The Demarcation line was a way for Jewish families to travel from Germany to France. This was shut down, making it illegal to travel across. People who did, and were caught, were arrested.
  • Ruth's Father Returns From the Legion

    Ruth's father and uncle both joined the Legion to protect their families. Her uncle had left the Legion a year earlier than her father, and she wondered when he would return. Finally, one day, she saw him returning and she got to really meet her dad.
  • Marshal Philippe Pétain Visits Toulouse

    Soon after learning about <ahref='' >Marshal Philippe Pétain</a> in school, he comes to Toulouse. Everyone in Ruth's class is invited to see him. See begs her dad to take him, and he agrees.
  • Ruth and the family leave Toulouse.

    Ruth and her family are told by a man that the police are coming. They pack up a few belonging and leave as fast as they can. They run all the way to the train station, where they take the last train out of the station.
  • Raid at Uncle Oscar's

    Ruth and her family must stay at her uncle's house. After a short amount of time, police find the house and raid it. Ruth and her family hide as the house is searched.
  • Ruth's Parents Leave Her

    Ruth's parents decide that she would be safer with someone else. They leave her with a French farm family, and they keep her safe. She stays with them for about a year.
  • Ruth's Parents Come Back

    Ruth is finally reunited with her parents. This is about a year after they left her. She is very happy to be back with her parents.
  • Liberation Begins

    The first major concentration camp in Ploand was liberated. It was liberated by the Soviet Army. Things were finally looking better.
  • The German Surrender

    The Germans finally give up and surrender. Ruth and the other Jewish people are able to stop hiding. Life is safer for them than it has been in years.
  • Ruth Leaves Arthés

    Ruth's parents decide to leave Arthés. Liberation is coming to an end, and it is safe to travel. Ruth and her family went to Paris.