Russia Exploration

  • Sighting and Landing.

    Sighting and Landing.
    Explorer Semeon Dezhnev sails in what is now the Bering Stright and lands on the Diomede Islands. the Russians in the Sibrea area are aware of fur trade between Alaska, Chukchi, and Asiatic Eskimos.
  • Vitus Bering's voyage

    Vitus Bering's voyage
    Peter the great hired Vitus Bering to set out on a voyage to discover if Asia and America were conected, also to find out how far the Siberian mainland would go.
  • First Sight of Alaskan Coast

    First Sight of Alaskan Coast
    In 1732 Ivan Fedorov first sighted the coast of Alaska.
  • Landing and Incounters

    Russian fur hunters on ship Sv. Evdokim landed on Aguttu Island, and were incountered with armed Aleut Residents.
  • Sighting of 13 islands.

    Peter Bashmakov said Eastern to find 13 new islands.
  • Ships Destoryed

    Aleuts destoryed Russian ships named, Sv.Petr i Pavel. Near Shemya Islands. Most of the crew survived the atack.
  • New sightings.

    Exsplorer Stephen Gloto spoted the island called Kodiak.
  • RUSSIAN Hunters in alaska

     RUSSIAN Hunters in alaska
    By 1764 there were 42 russian hunting expedictions to Alaska.
  • Battle's

    Armed battle's accured at the Sedanka Islands, with Russian and Aleuts. Russian won that battle.
  • Fur Trade

    Fur Trade
    By 1780 only two major fur trading companies were getting busniess; the names were Lebedev-Lastochkin Company, Also Shelikhov-Golikov Company.
  • First Slaves

    Russians capture Aleuts to hunt for fur, for the Russians to sell to inhance their monopoly.