Ruby Briges and Civil Rihts Movement BiancaSota

  • segregation in public schools

    supreme court bans segregation in public schools
  • Ruby was born

    Ruby was born in Mississipi four years later they moved to New Orlans
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks is arested for refuising to give up her seat for a white person
  • A legal fight

    After a year of boycotting buses and a alegal fight ,thr Montgomery buses desegregate
  • Federal Court

    Federal Court forced desegregaition in the schools of the south
  • Ruby went to school

    Ruby went to school
    Ruby had her first day of school in a white school
  • Challenge for segregetion

    Grups of white and black people ride buses through the south to challenge segregation
  • President Jhon F Kenedy

    President Jhon F Kenedy
    President jhon F Kenedy calls for civil rights act

    President kenedy died

    Norman Rockwell paint the problem we all live in
  • Story of ruby briges

    Story of Ruby Briges is published