Ruby Bridges Time Line Fatima Manzur

  • Supreme Court bans segregation

    U.S.A supreme court bans segregation in pubic schools
  • Ruby was born

    Ruby was born
    Ruby was born in mississippi, four years later she move to New Orleans
  • Rosa Parks goes to prision

    Rosa Parks goes to prision
    She was black and she gets arrested for refusing to give up her seat in a bus to a white person
  • Montgomery buses desegregate

    After a year of boycotting the buses, the buses desegregate.
  • Desegregation of south schools.

    Federal court forced deseregation of schools in the south.
  • Ruby first day on a white school

    Ruby first day on a white school
    Her first day at Frantz Elementary School for white children only in New Orleans.
  • Freedom rides begin from Washington D.C

    Groups of black and white people ride buses through the South to challenge segregation
  • Martin Luther

    The police arrested Martin Luther King and other ministres
  • John F Kennedy calls for civil rights act

    John Kennedy came from a rich and privileged Irish-American family. Even so, the family had to leave in Boston, the city they are most famously associated with and moved to New York. In Boston the family had been held at arms length by those rich families who saw their Irish background as vulgar and the familys wealth as lacking class. The Kennedys hoped that the more cosmopolitan New York would allow them to access high society.
  • President Kennedy was assasinated

  • Magazine Published

    Magazine Publish Norman Rockwells painting "The Problem We All Live With"
  • President Johnson sings Civil Rights Act

  • Black Nacionalist lesder Malcolm X is murdered

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is assasinated

  • Rubys Story Was Published

    Rubys Story Was Published