Ruby Bridges and the civil Rights Movement Isabella Ibanez

  • Segregation Begins

    Supreme Court bans segregatio in public schools.
  • Ruby Bridges is born

    Ruby Bridges is born in Mississippi, Four years later, they move to New Orleans
  • Rosa Parks is arrested

    Rosa Parks is arrested
    Rosa Parks, an African American Woman is arrested December 1st for refusing o give up her seat to a white person. Bus boycott launched in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Buses Desegregate!

    montgomery buses desegregate.
  • Forcing desegregation

    Federal Court forced desegregation of schools in the South , U.S.A
  • Ruby's First day at school

    Ruby's  First day at school
    Ruby had her first day at Frantz Elementary School for whites in New Orleans.
  • Norman Rockwell's painting

    Norman Rockwell's painting
    Look magazine published Norman's Rockwell painting "The problem we all live with."
  • Freedom rides

    Freedom rides begin from Washington D.C, Groups of black and white people ride buses trough the south to challenge desegregation.
  • President John F Kennedy

    President John F Kennedy
    President John F Kennedy calls for Civil Rights Act.
  • President dies

    President Kennedy dies (1961-1963)
  • Police arrest

    Police arrest the civil rights Leader Rev. Martin Luther king Jr and other ministers demonstrating in Birmingham, Alabama
  • P. johnson signs...

    President Johnson signs the Civil rights Act of 1964
  • Murder

    Black Nationalis Leader Malcolm is murdered
  • Martin Luther King dies

    Martin luther King Jr is assassinated in Memphis, Tennesssee, unleashing violence in more than 100 cities.
  • Rubys story

    Rubys story
    The story of Ruby Bridges is published