Rosa parks

Rosa Parks by Rain & Wine

  • Born

    She was born in Tuskegee Alahama.
  • Period: to

    Rosa Parks

  • Married

    She was married Raymond Parks a barber.
  • meeting

    She went to a meeting in Montgomery.
  • Awful experience

    Awful experience
    Rosa had an awful experience on a bus she entered through the front and paid her ten cents. The driver ordered Rosa to get on again this time using the back door.
  • The law

    The law said black people must gave up seats on buses to white
  • Boycott

    She was known for role in a 1955 boycott of the Montgomery Alabama bus system.
  • became famous civil

    Rosa parks became a famous civil rights activist because of the historical event when
    She was accusing of breaking a segregator law.
  • City bus

    Rosa boarded a Montgomery city bus for the first time in more than a year. Rosa sat in the front row.
  • Threats

    Rosa was ready for a change. She was still getting threats from people who were angry about her work. She was tired of living in fear.
  • Dr. King practised

    When Dr.King practiced his famous ‘’I Have a Dream’’ speech in Detroit Rosa was at his side.
  • Marching

    Rosa took part in another march red by Dr.King march thosand of people walked fifty miles of in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery.
  • founded

    Mrs. Parks founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks institute for self-Development.
  • Death of husband and mother

    Her husband Parks died of cancer in 1977.Two years later her Mother also passed away.
  • attacked

    Rosa Parks was attacked in her own home by a young man who wanted money from her.
  • died

    She died on Oct 24.