Rosa Parks

Timeline created by Trevor Blu
  • The Birth of the freedom fighter

    Rosa Louise McCauley was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on Feb 4 1913 to mother Leona and father James McCauley.
  • Moving in with her Granparents

    Moving in with her Granparents
    When Rosa was 2 she moved to her grandparents farm in Pine Level Alabama with her mother and her brother Sylvester.
  • First time at school

    First time at school
    At the age of 11 she went to school for the first time. She enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls which was a private school
  • Active in the NAACP.

    Active in the NAACP.
    She work as a secretary of the Montgomery chapter.
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott

    The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    One day Rosa was tired from a long day at work. as usual she paided in the front and went to sit in the first seat of the black section of the bus. Then a white man came on and saw there were no more seats in the white section so he and the driver demanded he seat. well as you know she refused and was arrested.
  • Her retirement from the NAACP

    Her retirement from the NAACP
    Retired after 13 years of work of the NAACP.
  • Moving to Detroit.

    In 1957, Mrs. Parks and her husband moved to Detroit, Michigan where Mrs. Parks served on the staff of U.S. Representative John Conyers.
  • Rosa Parks Freedom Award

    Rosa Parks Freedom Award
    Won the NAACP Award
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom

    Presidential Medal of Freedom
    President Clinton gave Rosa the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • The Death of Rosa Parks

    The Death of Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks Died on October 24, 2005. The cause of death was from old age.
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